Harry Houdini



Harry Houdini

(1874 – 1926)

Born Erik Weiss, later Erich Weiss, he was a Hungarian American illusionist and escape artist. At least one of, if not the most famous magician ever. He had world wide fame as a magician, made movies, debunked spiritualists, was an aviator(some say the first man to fly an airplane in Australia, but some dispute it), he did it all! To this day people are still trying to figure out how he did his tricks(magic?)

Ironically, he died on Oct. 31, (Halloween), 1926.  He is buried in the Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, NY.

Trivia:  His wife (Bess) wanted to be buried with him when she died, but her family buried her in a Catholic cemetery(Gate of Heaven) 35 miles away in  Hawthorne, NY because the one he is in is Jewish.

Babe Ruth is also buried in the same cemetery as Bess.