Jim Croce


Jim Croce

(1943 -1973)

An America singer-songwriter, he released 5 albums  and 11 singles. Bad Bad Leroy Brown and Time in a Bottle were number ones. If you listen to his music, you will find it’s incredible. Try these tracks:

Lover’s cross

Alabama Rain

Photographs and Memories


Workin at the Carwash Blues

These Dreams

Roller Derby Queen

Rapid Roy(The Stock Car Boy)

One less Set of Footsteps

I Got a Name

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim

He was a genius, and his life was cut short at the age of 30 in a plane crash, just as he was becoming a Superstar. When I saw his grave in Frazer, PA at the Haym Salomon Memorial Park, it had dimes all around and on the stone. I can only assume they are left there because of the line he says to the operator in the song, “Operator”……….”You can keep the dime”

As you can probably tell, I am and always have been a huge fan of his music. Check it out!