Maude Adams


Maude Adams

(1872 – 1953)

Maude Ewing Kiskadden was and American actress that used the stage name Maude Adams. Most of her life was on the stage( for the first time at 9 months!).  She was the highest paid actor of her day, with a yearly income of over one million dollars during her peak. Talented, beautiful, mysterious, I was fascinated by her the first time I saw her picture. Peter pan is considered her greatest role on Broadway, but………


The movie “Somewhere in Time” is a great fantasy movie, has a cult following. The book is good too, called “Bid Time Return”. Richard Matheson, the author, reportedly based the main character, Elise McKenna, on Maude Adams. He saw a portrait of Maude in Nevada and said he fell in love with her, and wrote the story from there. Strange coincidence that I picked Maude Adams out of an old book by Daniel Blum and read as much as I could about her life(REALLY liked her, not sure I loved her lol), and then found out the character of Elise McKenna was based on her, since “Somewhere in Time” is one of my favorite movies.

Maude starred in “The Little Minister” and in the book, the play written for Elise is, you guessed it- “The Little Minister”

She is buried in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY in the cemetery of the Sisters of the Cenacle . Her friend Louise Boynton is buried beside her and her name is on the same stone.