Jim Varney





Jim Varney

(1949 – 1950)

Jim Varney was a versatile actor, writer, comedian, and voice artist. Many remember him as Earnest, but probably don’t know he was working in television before the commercials that made Earnest

famous. He studied Shakespeare at the Barter theater in Abingdon, VA(one of the coolest old theaters you will ever find, if you get the chance to go there), and said that his dream role was Hamlet.

A great talent, I think it is awesome that they put the Comedy and Tragedy masks on his grave stone. It shows, I think anyway, his dedication to his craft.

He’s buried in the Lexington Cemetery in Lexington, Ky.


Adolph Rupp the revered Kentucky Basketball coach, and Henry Clay, considered one of the greatest senators ever, are both buried there as well.