Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby

(1911 – 1967)

Born Jacob Rubenstein, He was the killer of suspected presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was shot by Ruby on live TV on 11/24/63. Many people believe it was done to silence Oswald and protect others that were involved in the murder.

He was born in Chicago, served in the Army from 1943 – 1946, and moved to Dallas in 1947. That is also the year that he legally changed his name to Ruby.  His connections were shady, and conspiracy theories abound about who he knew(almost all of the Dallas police dept.), and if he knew Mr. Oswald.  A hundred different stories are out there, I don’t think they will ever figure it out now. Watch the courtroom interview with him if you want to see him hint about other powerful people’s involvement in Kennedy’s murder. Definitely lots of stuff to ponder.

He is buried in the West Lawn Cemetery in Norridge (Cook County), Illinois.


Shel Silverstein is buried in this cemetery too. If you’ve never read his stuff, google his writings. I’ll bet you read some of it, but just didn’t know it was him.