Salvatore Guliano

Salvatore Giuliano

( 1922 – 1950 )

“Turiddu” was his nickname, and he was a Sicilian bandit and folk figure. His life has a lot of mystery because of all of the misinformation, but it is still an awesome story. If you have ever read “The Godfather” novel, you’ll know what a masterpiece it is. Somehow, Mario Puzo wove the story of Salvatore Giuliano into the part where Michael Corleone hides in Sicily. It is as good a read, if not better, than the original Godfather novel.(My opinion anyway!). He is a legend in Sicily, a tragic story of idealism and desperation, even more interesting because he was betrayed and killed(Officially by Law enforcement, widely believed to have been killed by his best friend and cousin Gaspare Pisciotta, pictured with him) when he was only 27.

He is buried in the Comune di Montelepre Cimitero Comunale

Montelepre, Sicily