Edward Trelawny

Edward John Trelawny

( 1792 – 1881 )

An Adventurer, Trelawny seems to have stepped out of on of Byron or Shelley’s Poems. A contemporary and friend of both , he made the arrangements for  both of their funerals. He lead an incredible life, was a biographer and novelist in his own right, but seems to have been lost in the shuffle with the stiff competition of Byron and Shelley(no wonder!). “Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron” is an excellent contemporary first hand look at their lives that he wrote . He out lived all of the romantic poets, dying in 1881. He had purchased the plot beside of Shelley in 1822 to be buried beside him and his ashes were. On his stone is an excerpt from Shelley’s poem, “Epitaph”.

There are six or so biographies about him, but not too many people seem to know who he was…… Truly, obscurely famous…..

He is buried at Campo Cestio in Rome, Italy.