Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

( 1805 – 1871 )

A French Magician, he is widely considered the father of modern style conjuring. So good was he as an entertainer that Napoleon III used him to prove French magic was powerful and quell a rebellion in French Algeria.

His real name was Jean Eugene Robert, and when he married Josephe Cecilia Houdin, he got a special dispensation from the French Government to use HER last name. Hmmmmm……Oh well, He was great magician, one of, if not the, most famous of his time.

He is buried in Blois, Department de Loir-et-Cher

Centre, France


A Magician named Eric Weiss from Hungary was so impressed with Houdin that he changed his name…… to Harry Houdini…..Even so, later, Houdini , disillusioned with Houdin, wrote a book called “The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin” because he believed that Houdin took credit for other performer’s innovations.