Obscurely Famous is a media website dedicated to developing historical documentary films about once famous people who are now forgotten.

The primary purpose of these films is to preserve the historical significance of those individuals, famous, infamous, and some not so famous, whose contributions to popular culture, are in danger of being lost. While more often than not their final resting place is symbolic, it’s an interesting way to close out their accomplishments, and it’s a lot of fun to find it!

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Currently, Obscurely Famous is comprised of two members:


Jack Crutchfield


Jack is a local amateur history buff whose hobby for many years has been to research historical figures, famous, infamous, and little known facts about their lives, culminating with the discovery of their final resting place. More often than not, these people, who have affected popular culture in some way, are buried in surprising places, many completely forgotten. For him, it’s all about remembering history and things in danger of being forgotten.

Matt Crutchfield

Producer, Graphic/Multimedia Designer, Cinematographer

Matt is a graphic/multimedia designer with a BFA in Print Design and a MA in Graphic Design & New Media. Duties include animation, camera work, lighting and video/sound editing.

Obscurely Famous is based out of Barboursville, West Virginia.